I first learned about brining when I attempted to smoke fish.  In order to get that great flavor you first must soak the meat in a mixture of: water, salt, sugar and spices (brine).  Properly prepared and smoked meat is delicious.  With most really delicious foods, it takes a long time to prepare.


Brined and smoked chicken can take 5 1/2 hours total prep, and cook time.  I brined this whole bird (I cut out the backbone) for 3 hours in my "power-brine" and then smoked it for 2 1/2 hours in a charcoal smoker.

Smoked Chicken 
  • Brining gives meat a better flavor and also tenderize the meat. A brine is basically salt and water.  Of course the fun of cooking is mixing up the ingredients to add to the desired end result flavor of dish.
  • Adding sugar will counter-act the salt and adding spices will give the meat a more enhanced flavor.
  • The type of meat you are preparing determines the length of time the meat must brine.  Fish is a more porous meat than chicken or pork.  The soak time for fish is no more than one hour.  Chicken can go from 3-5 hours, and several meats can brine over-night. (see soak time table)
  • The strength of the brine, and the temperature of the meat and brine mix will affect how long you must brine in order to have the desired effect.


Brining chicken